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Whether you’re struggling with scars or you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, an aesthetic treatment may be able to help you improve your skin appearance. While there are many effective treatments to choose from, many people will benefit the most from a treatment that uses the natural regeneration of their skin. At Bayside Medspa in Norfolk, VA, we know that microneedling treatments can be a highly effective treatment for people of all ages, skin types, and skin tones.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive treatment that stimulates your body’s natural regenerative abilities. Specifically, this treatment stimulates both cellular turnover and collagen production, both of which can help your skin look and feel more youthful. This treatment works by using sterile needle tips, about 2mm deep, to pierce the surface layer of the skin. By creating micro-injuries on the surface of the skin, your body’s natural healing abilities will be stimulated, and in doing so, wound healing factors will increase fibrin, elastin, and collagen. As your skin heals, the tone and texture will improve and become more youthful-looking.

Cellular Turnover

Cellular turnover refers to accelerating the natural skin cell turnover rate, which will address concerns such as dark spots, blemishes, and sun damage. As we age, the rate of our cellular turnover slows, which is why dark spots and other pigmented concerns become more common during middle age. When cellular turnover accelerates, new skin cells will appear and dead skin cells will fall away from the skin to improve the tone of the skin.

Collagen Production

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, but as we age, we produce less collagen in the skin. When there is not enough collagen in the skin, the texture of the skin changes and becomes laxer, which is why fine lines and wrinkles develop starting between ages 30 and 40 for most people. During wound healing, collagen is produced to help close wounds on the skin surface. However, with controlled micro-injuries created by this treatment, targeted collagen production is a way to increase skin volume in localized areas to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scarring and skin laxity.


Why Should You Consider Adding PRP?

Often, this treatment is combined with PRP or platelet-rich plasma. PRP treatments are clinically proven to increase the healing ability of many rejuvenation treatments, including increasing collagen production. PRP is made with your blood plasma, which is isolated on the day of your treatment with a special centrifuge. For this treatment, your PRP will be applied to your skin after your treatment so the plasma can penetrate the deepest layers of your skin through the micro-injuries created by the treatment device.

What Can You Expect From Treatment?

Overall, this treatment is very simple and effective. Most of the time, your treatment will take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete, and after your treatment, you will be allowed to resume most of your normal daily activities. To ensure your comfort during this treatment, it’s common to apply a topical numbing cream.

How Should You Prepare?

Although this is a simple treatment, it’s still important to prepare correctly for your appointment. It’s generally recommended to temporarily discontinue any medication or supplement that may thin the blood, as this may make your recovery period longer. You should also avoid tobacco and alcohol for at least 24 hours before your treatment. Patients who are using retinoids or chemical exfoliants as part of their skincare routine may also want to stop using these products for at least 24 hours.

What Should You Do After Your Treatment?

Although you will be allowed to go to work or your other daily activities after your treatment is complete, there are still some aftercare instructions you will want to follow so your results develop as desired. For example, you should apply sunscreen for at least one to two weeks after your treatment to avoid hyperpigmentation during the healing process. You will also be advised to avoid the following activities for at least 48 to 72 hours:

  • Suntanning

  • Hot water or steam

  • Direct sunlight

  • Chlorine

  • Chemical exfoliants

When Will You See Results?

Most people will require several days before they will see the desired results of this treatment. The earliest visible results will be a brighter, more even skin tone about one to two weeks after your treatment; after that, it may take two to four weeks to see any textural improvements in scars or fine lines since it takes longer for collagen to mature. Most people will see the final results of this treatment about four weeks after their appointment.

How Long Will Results Last?

The results of a single treatment can last for one to two months, depending on the condition of your skin and your skin concerns. That said, many people can achieve results that last for six months or longer if they have several consecutive treatments, which will rebuild collagen and improve skin tone over time. Many people will schedule three to six monthly appointments to achieve initial desired results, and then have annual appointments once or twice a year to maintain results. You can also maintain the results of your treatment by protecting your skin from direct sunlight, which can accelerate the visible aging process. Wearing sunscreen every day will help your results last for as long as possible. Using the right skincare products for your skin concerns can also help your results last for a long time. For example, using anti-aging skincare products between treatments to encourage collagen production and cellular turnover can improve, enhance, and maintain your results.

Help Your Skin Rejuvenate Itself With Microneedling

Your body has all the tools it needs to help your skin look youthful, but many of those tools slow down as part of the aging process. This treatment stimulates the use of your body’s natural regenerative tools so your skin health and appearance can improve. Whether you combine this treatment with PRP or you incorporate this treatment as part of your other aesthetic treatments, you can achieve youthful skin with only a few simple treatments.

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